Privacy Policy

Simple Verity Inc., a Delaware corporation ("SimpleVerity," "we," or "us") will use information gathered via this Web site and its related services in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

For Creditors

(That is, businesses who use our Services to inquire about or monitor other businesses.)

We may accept a confidential Watchlist from a Creditor business. The Watchlist may, for example, be a list of customers with open (credit) accounts. We keep this Watchlist confidential. We don't share or reveal a Watchlist with others. We don't contact the businesses on a Watchlist.

A Creditor can manage, and therefore see the contents of, its own Watchlist. We may also deliver alerts to an email address provided by a Creditor, about businesses listed in a Watchlist.

We may use partial or derived information ("metadata") from a Watchlist, or aggregate data about Watchlists, for purposes such as running statistics on our usage, or improving our searching and matching algorithms.

(We may offer our services to businesses who wish to inquire about or monitor themselves. In that case, we treat those businesses like Creditors, even if they are inquiring about themselves.)

Creditors may choose to provide feedback to us, such as feedback about the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or usefulness of our services, or their own credit experiences with Subject businesses. We use this information to improve our services.

About Subjects

(That is, businesses about which we gather data.)

We gather a wide variety of data from various sources on Subject businesses. We may gather information at the request of a Creditor, or we may pre-compile it. While our data gathering about Subjects comes from various sources and does not generally involve this Web site, we may use information gathered via the Web site from Subjects, if any, to build our database on Subjects.

General Privacy Practices

We collect such technical information as IP addresses and cookies from all visitors. We use this information for analysis and technical purposes, such as debugging or improving our services.

We also solicit personal contact information from users, in order to contact them in connection with our products and services. We do not sell or share contact information with any third party.

We will not knowingly collect information from children under age 13 ever, or from minors under age 18 without parental permission. We will not knowingly collect information relating to the extension of consumer credit, offering of employment, or consumer insurance. We will not knowingly collect information relating to persons resident in the European Union. Please help us by not offering any of these categories of information.

In the event of actual or suspected violations of law or of our Terms of Use, we may disclose information as is necessary to investigate, prosecute, or remedy those violations.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact us at