Helping $2.6 Trillion Flow

Our Mission

Business credit is ultimately a cooperative game. When Alice trusts Bob, and Bob honors that trust, both Alice and Bob win. But without reliable data, trust (or credit) is lower all around, and friction is higher.

SimpleVerity is dedicated to smoothing the frictions of business credit, and expanding access to capital for small businesses.

We're laser-focused on the construction and building trades industry. Why? This sector is a heavy user of credit, but is very underrepresented at traditional credit bureaus.

(Also, about 1/5 of all small businesses are in this sector, which makes it a pretty big and interesting challenge.)

How much does it matter?

$652 B
Small business bank loans outstanding.
+ $1,956 B
Trade credit outstanding.
$2,608 B
Total small business credit.

Small business credit affects about 1/5 of the entire US GDP.

Sources: SBA, Yale Study

To whom does it matter?

Credit & AR

Credit & AR managers need to make good decisions, not just when opening accounts, but throughout the life of an account. SimpleVerity Portfolio Monitoring keeps creditors up to date on risks in real-time.

Lenders & Developers

Every day a project is delayed means dollars lost. With email alerts on business continuity issues, you can be proactive about risks before they delay a project.

Contractors and Trades

Ultimately, better credit data from SimpleVerity means better payment terms from your vendors, quicker credit decisions, and more access to capital. SimpleVerity's mission is to put your best foot forward.

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