Automatic Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor Every Account, Every Day

What's your Time Worth?

Our system automates tens of person-hours of research, every day. Spend your time on decisions and collections, while we hunt down risks.

Follow Contractors

We offer the only automated way to monitor data at the source, revealing risks before they become slow-payment or write-off issues.

A Wealth of Data

Get alerts on:

  • Bond claims
  • Contractor licensing
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcy
Alerts are delivered daily by email to members of our subscription plans.

Laser-Focus on Your Accounts

Our data is 100% focused on licensed contractors on the West Coast. If you have risk exposure to contractors, then our service is focused on you. Our customers include the following industries:

  • Building materials
  • Equipment rental
  • Construction financing
  • Developers and general contractors

(Washintgon State offered April 2014; Oregon and California coming soon.)
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Protect Your Business

Vendors and lenders to the building trades protect their cash flows with SimpleVerity monitoring.

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