Instead of putting ads next to videos of dancing kittens or writing a better "Angry Birds," what if your talents and efforts could fix the economy? Believe it: the biggest problem facing American companies is that the giant gearbox of capital has a broken first gear -- the mechanism for transmitting credit to businesses under 100 employees is completely broken. We are fixing it at SimpleVerity.

We are building the biggest lever you have ever worked on (unless your name is Ben Bernanke), and we will all be pulling that lever in the right direction. There is a very real chance that your code will cause unemployment to drop in half and GDP to increase by 1%. No joke.

SimpleVerity is dedicated to the goal of helping small businesses do business with each other. Accurate and available credit information is a key component and helps facilitate billions of dollars of B2B transactions and loans while helping to prevent fruad.

If all this resonates with you, send your resume to or

Software Engineer

We're looking for an experienced software engineer with a passion for great programming. SimpleVerity is looking to make a lasting and meaningful real-world impact and want candidates driven to help us achieve this goal.

We use Python and the Django framework as our main development platform, so we would love to hire someone with extensive Python experience, or a great coding background and a passion to learn it.

Experience with the following technologies is desired but not required:

  • Python and the Django framework
  • Amazon Web Services
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Distributed and asynchronous systems

We offer:

  • No sacred ideas. We're looking for the best thoughts and ideas to solve this big problem.
  • Everyone's a student and everyone's a teacher. You'll be teaching and learning from the CTO and CEO.
  • Your code will hit production, probably in your first week.
  • Sweet vintage Art Deco digs in downtown Seattle.
  • Enough money to keep you decked out in nice clothes and gadgets.
  • Enough equity to make you a very wealthy person.*
*pending wild success.

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