About Us

Simple Verity Inc. is a Seattle-based provider of business credit information and services.

Credit information is important for access to capital and in normal business transactions. Traditional credit bureaus have little or no information on millions of small businesses (i.e. "thin file" or "no hit").

Our focus is on licensed contractors, and the creditors who serve them. Together, contractors, building trades, and associated businesses make up about 1/5 of the small businesses in the US.


Randall Lucas - technology and product   LinkedIn
  • Head of finance and credit for tech specialty lender, Lighter Capital
  • Venture capital investor with $370 M equity VC, Voyager Capital
  • Motivated by: data analysis, preventing fraud, helping businesses get funded.
  • Turn-offs: unnecessary paperwork, misalignment of incentives.
Tom Rider - business development   LinkedIn
  • Head of regulatory education for Western Building Material Association
  • National sales manager at building material finance company, BlueTarp Financial
  • Decades in the building industry, from sweeping out the lumberyard, to litigating as an attorney.
  • Little-known fact: knows how to catch fresh squid using a 9-volt battery.


Tim Bates LinkedIn

Tim Bates is the Chief Risk Officer of BECU, America's 4th largest credit union. He previously served as an executive at Washington Mutual and Equifax.

Louis Hyman LinkedIn, Cornell Univerity

Louis Hyman is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University and previously worked at McKinsey & Company. He is the author of "Borrow: The American Way of Debt" and "Debtor Nation: The History of America in Red Ink."

Don Lavoie LinkedIn

Don Lavoie is the CEO of Developmetrics. He was previously the President/GM of Experian Business Info Services and EVP at LowerMyBills.com.